Solar energy for Afghanistan means: reliable electric power supply without negative environmental influences such as noise and stench by generators – and solar power systems already amortize themselves after a short time by the renunciation of expensive fuels.

The Zularistan Ltd. does not only work with high-class suppliers, but also offer you the complete service of the consultation, the construction and the installation by a national service network with highly qualified engineers – including instruction and training.

At the same time we increasingly count on german manufacturers as well as established producers from all over the world with high-graded products.

We are still create jobs with local service staff. In cooperation with our german partner SonnenPlus GmbH and together with state organisations and NGOs such as German Aid for Afghan Children, USAID (DAI, IRG), PRT, GPFA, GTZ, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (world bank) and the red cross we already realized a huge number of projects, from which the citizens achieve sustained profit.

After finishing a project we are still available for the customers needs, service and maintenance. Choose Zularistan solar systems, and we all can reach a secure future for the people in Afghanistan together.

Electricity Generation License to Zularistan Ltd.

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